A word about Prednisone


People, who used to buy Prednisone, are familiar with the medication’s effect and even more: they experienced some of the drug’s side effects. Although the remedy’s safety system affords to prevent serious side effects from occurring, the medication influences different people differently. Namely, while taking Prednisone the most common customers’ complains were on the following side effects: headache, edema, hypertension, thinness of skin, dangerously high blood sugar level, muscle weakness, weight gain or loss, increased growth of facial hair and others. These side effects can occur frequently and due to prolonged taking of synthetic steroids, like Prednisone in high doses. The following side effects are considered to be serious and usually occur after some time of taking: glaucoma, cataracts, ulcer of stomach, irregular periods, psychiatric disorders, and children may growth slowly.
These secondary effectс are quite rare and aren’t necessary for all of those, who take the medication.
Prednisone can interact with other drugs; that’s why it is strictly recommended to warn your doctor before you buy Prednisone. For example, the active formula of Prednisone, prednisolone, may break down after interfering with estrogen. If the quantity of prednisolone in the blood increases, more unexpected effects may occur. Liver enzymes may be stimulated to increase their activity by taking Dilantin, as a result, the efficiency of Prednisone is reduced by elimination of the drug by overactive enzymes. Tell the healthcare provider if you are on other medicines, so that he could take the interaction into account while prescribing a medication.
Besides, Prednisone may increase the jeopardy of infections as vaccines and antibiotics lose a part of the efficiency taken simultaneously with synthetic corticosteroid Prednisone. It is important for your health to inform your doctor about any infection you may be suffering from at this very moment. The immune system suppressing function of Prednisone may make your doctor change the prescribed dosage to get recovered soon.
Do not buy Prednisone if you are predisposed to osteoporosis. Long-term intake of Prednisone may become a reason for this brittle bones condition. In this case medical specialists usually recommend patients to take vitamin В, Calcium and medications belonging to the drug class of bisphosphonates (such as Actonel, Calcitonin and others).
In case you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, inform your doctor. The same is when a woman became pregnant while taking the medication or if she is breast-feeding. Prednisone is not expected to pass through the placenta in the way many other corticosteroids do, but may be a reason of such foetus abnormality as cleft palate. But, as compared with other steroids, Prednisone can pass into the breast milk and be harmful for the baby.
Do not adjust the dosing schedule. Follow the recommendations of your healthcare provider carefully and don’t forget to get prescription as the medication is not available over-the-counter. When you buy Prednisone, read the directions for using thoroughly and store the remedy exactly as it is mentioned in the leaflet.

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