Alterations of myosin isoenzymes and ADP/ATP carrier in Goldblatt hypertensive rats (part 1)

Goldblatt hypertensive rats (part 1)

The ADP/ATP carrier (AAC or adenine nucleotide translocator), the most abundant protein in the inner mitochondrial membrane, mediates the exchange of ATP and ADP across the membrane . Numerous earlier studies have identified the AAC protein as the major site for adenine nucleotide exchange between the mitochondrial matrix and the cytoplasm, and a key point for regulation of adenine-nucleotide ratios and the energy charge of the cell . Multiple genes for the AAC have been found in humans and in bovine tissue . The functional protein forms a homodimer of two approximately 30 KDa subunits through which ADP and ATP are exchanged between the mitochondria and the cytoplasm.Rat ventricular myosin can be divided into three isoenzymes, V1, V2 and V3, in decreasing order of electrophoretic mobility and ATPase activity, by pyrophosphate gel electrophoresis (PGE) . However, it has been shown that AAC autoantibodies may induce cardiac dysfunction associated with abnormal energy metabolism in cardiomyopathy . A recent study demonstrated a correlation between imbalance of myocardial energy metabolism mediated by AAC antibody and heart function in patients with myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy . We have reported that the AAC was decreased in J-2-N cardiomyopathic hamsters. Therefore, the alterations in AAC appear to be involved in the development of cardiomyopathy in J-2-N cardiomyopathic hamsters . On the other hand, Takeda et al have shown that the ventricular myosin isoenzyme pattern is closely related to myocardial energetics and under some pathological conditions such as cardiac hypertrophy is changed by pressure overload. You always want to be sure that drug works for you and still does not cost too much? Then you should definitely shop with my canadian pharmacy always getting the exact quality you wanted for less money than anywhere else.

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