An improved immunofluorescent reagent for detection of Bordetella pertussis: part 4

 pertussis: part 4

It is important to note that only five of the 1398 specimens tested gave positive results while the culiure remained negaitive. To verify whether B pertussis cells are present or absent on these slides, each sample is eluted and then tested by pcr.

Recently, it was observed that patients for whom diagnosis of infectious diseases was made more rapidly had a significantly lower mortality rate. Furthermore, rapid diagnosis of B pertussis helps not only to improve treatment, but also to initiate chemoprophylaxis rapidly to close contacts of the patient. For these reasons, we are also developing an ultrarapid automated assay using flow cytometry in collaboration with the Department of Microbiology and Immunology of the Ste-Justine Hospital in Montreal.

There are two major advantages to an automated assay over traditional direct immunofluorescent assay. First is a significant increase in accuracy because the readings would be standardized, reproducible and not depend on the competence of a specialized technologist. Second would be a noticeable reduction in the time normally required to process and analyze a specimen.Flow cytometry can be easily adapted for the accurate detection of B pertussis cells directly in clinical specimens. Flow cytometers are designed to count particles efficiently by size and protein content using light scattering. In our case, the instrument was adjusted by preliminary experiments to detect particles matching B pertussis cell size and nucleic acid content. To increase the specificity of the test, the fluorescein-labelled MAb is then used to tag the B pertussis organisms. Thus, only fluorescent B pertussis cells are counted. All other particles are ignored. Isn’t it nice to know you will soon be able to shop for your drugs online with the best pharmacy that will take great care of you? You do have this opportunity to buy mircette now that you have the best pharmacy waiting for your decision and offering cheapest drugs of best quality.

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