Antimicrobial activity of ceftriaxone compared

ceftriaxone compared

Third-generation cephalosporins are often used in the therapy of serious nosocomial Gram-negative bacterial infections. Ceftriaxone and cefotaxime are similar in antibacterial spectrum and resistance to beta- I actamases, but differ markedly in se rum protein bind i ng and elimination half- I ife (ceftriaxone: 95% protein bound, elimination half- I ife of 8.8 h versus cefotaxime: 35%, 1.2 h). It has been suggested that serum protein bind I ng may diminish therapeutic efficacy by affecting antibacterial activity and drug distribution. Thus, high serum protein bind I ng of ceftriaxone may in fact limit its in vitro activity and impair its therapeutic efficacy compared with that of cefotaxime.
In the present investigation, us г ng statistical methods we evaluated differences in the inhibitory and bactericidal activities of ceftriaxone, cefotaxime, and 1:1 combination of cefotaxime and its met abolite desacetyl cefotaxime against 121 clinical iso г ates of nonpseudomonal Gram-negative bacilli in the presence of human serum albumin. Us г ng a time-kill kinetic method we also assessed the diminished kill г ng of organisms by ceftriaxone compared with that of cetotaxime in broth with albumin. Efficient treatment that is now easy to get and fast to receive: you can finally buy your Buy cheap drugs online fast – for you to enjoy a reliable pharmacy.
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