Availability of folic acid and knowledge about prophylactic use: METHODS

Convenience sampling was used to select city blocks in the downtown, eastern and northern areas of Metropolitan Toronto. All pharmacists within those city blocks were surveyed over a three-month period (January to March 1994). In an effort to obtain valid information on practice behaviour, pharmacists were blinded to the study hypothesis; therefore, personal data such as age, training, etc, were not collected. Research investigators (both female and male) posed as lay people to determine whether folic acid supplementation was available in the pharmacy and, if so, in what form. The brand name, dose per tablet and cost were also recorded. In addition, the pharmacist on duty was asked directly whether it was recommended for women to take folic acid supplementation before getting pregnant, and if yes, why supplementation was necessary. Other data collected included type of pharmacy (independent or major chain), socioeconomic location (based on postal code) and sex of the pharmacist. These variables were coltected because a priori it was hypothesized that they might influence whether folic acid supplementation would be recommended by the pharmacist. Data were described using simple proportions, with Fishers exact test used to test the a priori hypotheses. Buy Asthma Inhalers Online

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