Changes in Uterine Expression of Leukemia: MATERIALS AND METHODS(3)


The remaining animals were anesthetized with ketamine 6 days after ovariectomy, and silicone elastomer capsules were placed s.c. in the interscapular region. Six animals received four capsules containing a 33 X 1.47-mm column of progesterone. Six skunks received one capsule containing a 2.0 X 0.05-mm column of estradiol-17p:cholesterol in a 1:2 mixture. Six animals received a combination of four progesterone capsules and one estrogen capsule. Ovariecto-mized animals serving as controls (n = 6) received four empty silicone elastomer capsules and daily 0.5-ml injections of 5% beeswax in sesame oil. Steroid treatments continued for 3 days and PRL treatment for 6 days, after which the animals were killed by an overdose of sodium pentobarbital. Blood and tissue samples were collected as described previously. Buy Advair Diskus Online

Three skunks were anesthetized with ketamine and implanted with a Model 2001 Alzet mini osmotic pump (Al-zet, Palo Alto, CA). The pumps delivered a constant infusion of EGF at a mean rate of 143 ng/h. The pumps were replaced twice, after 7 days. The entire duration of EGF infusion was 3 wk, after which time the animals were killed with an overdose of sodium pentobarbital. A blood sample was collected and the uterus removed and processed as previously described. Protocols for all experiments involving animals described in this paper were reviewed and approved by the University of Idaho Animal Care and Use Committee.

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