Determination of Plasma Membrane Characteristics: DISCUSSION(1)

Osmotic Tolerance of Boar Spermatozoa

During the cryopreservation process, cells are exposed to multiple steps in which they experience volume excursions. During CPA addition, cells transiently shrink as water flows out of the cell to a hyperosmotic environment, and subsequently, the cells swell as water and CPA enter. The reverse occurs during CPA removal. The cells initially swell as water enters, and subsequently shrink as water and CPA leave the cell. These volume excursions induced by the addition and removal of CPAs are separate and distinct from those experienced during the actual cooling and warming processes of cryopreservation. As a result, these two steps of cryopreservation can both be potentially os-motically damaging to cells. By determining the osmotic limits cells can endure, one can better minimize the damage associated with volume excursion and therefore optimize cryopreservation. buy ampicillin

Little information is available regarding osmotic responses of boar spermatozoa. Current literature does indicate that boar spermatozoa behave as linear osmometers down to 185 mOsmol/kg. The present study expanded this scope of understanding to include the extent of volume excursion these cells can tolerate (minimum and maximum volumes) while still maintaining functional integrity and motility.

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