Determination of Plasma Membrane Characteristics: DISCUSSION(4)


The results indicated that DMSO permeates the boar sperm plasma membrane relatively slowly, and because of its infrequent use with boar sperm cryopreservation, no further investigation was performed. Because of glycerol’s common use as a CPA with boar sperm and because of EG’s relatively high permeability, these CPAs were chosen for further study. It was noted that although EG may permeate the cell at a higher rate, it also has a higher associated activation energy than glycerol. There appeared to be little statistical variation in solute and water permeabilities, with the exception of glycerol permeability at low temperatures, which were more variable. Nevertheless, the values obtained for glycerol and EG permeability, and their associated water permeabilities, are similar to those found in human spermatozoa, as well as in other cell types such as human red blood cells and human platelets. buy levaquin online

The presence of extender does not appear to change the permeability of the boar spermatozoa plasma membrane to glycerol or water (glycerol and water permeability values are similar in the absence or presence of Modena extender), and this finding is consistent across temperatures. It could be speculated that the modification or stabilization of the membrane by the extender may be similar to the modification present with CPAs.

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