Determination of Plasma Membrane Characteristics: MATERIALS AND METHODS(4)

Statistical Analysis

Using standard analysis of variance approaches with the SAS program (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC), data were analyzed, and the mean, standard error, and coefficient of variation were computed among donors. buy asthma inhaler

Experimental Design

Experiment 1 (a-d): Osmotic tolerance of boar spermatozoa. Experiment la was conducted in anisosmotic solutions of nonpermeating solutes. Processed cell suspensions were exposed to control isosmotic (285 ± 5 mOsmol/kg) PBS solutions and to anisosmotic PBS solutions with the following osmolalities: 35, 75, 150, 600, 1200, and 2400 mOsmol/kg. Ten microliters of cell suspension was transferred into 150 jxl of anisosmotic solution in one step. The suspension-solution mixture was gently mixed, and the samples were allowed to equilibrate for 10 min before motility was assessed. A sample size of 3 boars (n = 3) was used for this experiment, and all data were collected at 22°C.

Experiment lb was designed for return to isosmolality after exposure to anisosmotic conditions. One hundred microliters of cell suspension was added to 200 |xl of anisosmotic solutions, as described above. After 10 min, the cells were returned to near-isosmotic conditions by the addition of 1500 |xl of isosmotic PBS. Motility was assessed after the return to isosmolality for 1 min and again at 5 min.

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