Development and Validation of a Fecal Testosterone Biomarker: DISCUSSION(2)

Comparison of an ether extraction, with and without wetting, to a 10% methanol solubilization extraction showed that the former was the better method of extraction for unconjugated testosterone. An additional extraction with ether on the wetted sample recovered only an additional 5%, indicating this additional step was not necessary because it provided only a minor increase in extraction efficiency. Though the exact percentage of unconjugated testosterone extracted has not been definitively shown, the experiments indicate that a consistent extraction with greater than 90% recovery can be achieved. The high volatility and purity of ethyl ether make it convenient for use in the extraction. Additionally, it does not interfere with the ELISA, and the extracts can be easily concentrated if they fall below the sensitivity of the assay. buy yasmin online

The kinetic studies done with radiolabeled testosterone provided data regarding the time course of steroid excretion in order to provide a better understanding of the significance of a measurement relative to the time of an event (chemical or environmental stress). In Peromyscus, the kinetic profile for testosterone excreted in feces followed a first-order two-compartment model.

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