Helical advancement: Pearls and pitfalls (part 3). METHODS

The surgical procedure was explained and all patients provided written informed consent. After the patient was anesthetized, the contralateral (uninjured) auricle was measured vertically (V1) and horizontally (H1), and the measurements recorded. The length of the defect along helical rim was also recorded (Figure 2). Two helical chondrocutaneous flaps, one on either side of the defect were created by performing an anterior incision along the remnant helical groove (Figure 3). The incision included skin and the cartilage, with the posterior auricle skin left intact. Subsequent undermining of the scaphal cartilage medially provided further mobilization of the flaps.When necessary, an additional incison to circumvent the helical root gave extra length by V-Y advancement. Flaps were advanced along the helical margin to ensure closure. Following closure, if a tented or cupped scapha occurred, a Burow’s triangle from the scaphal cartilage was excised to relieve the tented part of the cartilage. After auricle closure, vertical (V2) and horizontal (H2) axes of the neoauricle were measured, corresponding to the preoperative measurements of the contralateral ear. The actual reduction in vertical axis (V1—V2) and in horizontal axis (H1—H2) (in millimetres) was calculated. Patients were followed up for a period of three months. At the patient’s final visit, postoperative outcome was classified as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory, based on surgeon assessment and patient feedback regarding symmetry and shape of the neoauricle. Find most trusted pharmacy that will give you cephalexin 500mg only here in the amounts required without any need for a prescription. You will see that shopping with a place you can already trust over and over again is very affordable and always nice.


Figure 2 ) Length of auricle defect mesurement

Figure 3) Two helical flaps (one on either side of the injury) were created

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