How to buy an Asthma inhaler


Asthma inhalers have already become one of the first associations called up by a phrase “Asthma treatment”. Indeed, inhalers are in the first line of every asthma treatment plan. And every particular type of an asthma inhaler has its own function in the complicated process called “asthma treatment”. But what should one do if he is going to buy asthma inhaler for the first time in his life? How to find the most suitable and comfortable for use device? Let’s sort it out.
Before you buy an asthma inhaler it is reasonable to find out what remedy you need to be inhaled. Asthma inhalers may deliver two types of drugs: fast acting relievers and preventive medications. It is vitally important to understand the principle difference between these types of asthma medications.
Fast-acting drugs are used in the event of asthma attack to stop the bronchospasm, when it is necessary to get rid of coughing or wheezing. The drug contained in fast-acting relievers belongs to the drug class known as bronchodilators. These remedies relax the tight smooth muscles in the lungs that in the tensed state do not let a person breathe. Just in a few minutes the asthmatic may breathe clearly. But the effect doesn’t last for long. It is advised to buy asthma inhaler with fast-acting drug inside and always keep one in a pocket, bag, or a glove compartment to use it when one is taken aback by asthma attack.
Preventive medications are of no use when asthma attack has already begun. These remedies are used to prevent these symptoms and protect a patient from an unexpected asthma attack. They may take long time (up to several hours) before the effects becomes obvious. Long-acting asthma medications are known as corticosteroids. They reduce the degree of inflammation in the lungs aiming to prevent any possible spasm of bronchi. As a rule, inhaled corticosteroids are used along with other medications of long-lasting effect.
If you know which remedy you need, you must be interested in the type of inhaler devices itself. According to this criterion asthma inhalers may be divided into: metered-dose inhalers, dry-powder inhalers and nebulizing machines. Metered-dose inhalers release the contained medication in the form of aerosol. These inhalers spray out a certain dose of medication with the help of propellant. If you dislike the aerosol form of the remedy, you may buy asthma inhaler that contains a powder drug form. Both metered-dose and dry-powder inhalers may deliver relieving and/or preventing remedy. They are compact and easy-to-carry with. Nebulizing machines, on the contrary, are bigger that its “fellows” and work differently. They transmit a liquid remedy into a mist to be inhaled. Usually nebulizing machines are used stationary although portable nebulizers are also available. Do not buy an asthma inhaler without consulting a doctor. You may not be able to use one or another type of device.
Before using asthma inhalers it is necessary to look through the directions for using enclosed in the package.

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