Identification of Cigarette Smoke Components: MATERIALS AND METHODS(1)



Female golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) purchased from Harlan Sprague Dawley (San Diego, CA) at 9-12 wk of age were maintained on a 14L:10D cycle in a room at 26°C. No more than four females were grouped in a cage. Purina rodent chow and water were provided ad libitum. Females were evaluated in the morning for the presence of a vaginal discharge (Day 1 of estrus) and grouped according to the day of their 4-day estrous cycle. Only females in the 4th day of estrus and weighing 140200 g were used for the CBF experiments. For OPR assays, females received injections of 25 IU of hCG the evening of Day 3 of their estrous cycle to induce maturation of ovarian follicles. The following day, oviducts and OCCs were harvested for OPR assays. buy flovent inhaler

Media and Chemicals

To test the effect of chemical agents on oviductal CBF in vitro, solutions of the each agent were prepared in Earle’s balanced salt solution to which 26.2 mM sodium bicarbonate and 25 mM HEPES had been added. This medium is designated EBSS-H. Appropriate dilutions of the chemical agent being tested were made, and the pH of all solutions was adjusted to 7.4 with 3 N NaOH. pH remained stable throughout the period of the experiments (3-4 h). For OPR assays, EBSS-H was supplemented with 0.5% BSA (EBSS-HA), and test compounds were likewise made up in EBSS-HA.

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