Identification of Cigarette Smoke Components: MATERIALS AND METHODS(7)


Baseline ciliary beating was logged for 30 sec using the brightness-versus-time routine of the image-processing software. The lowest concentration of the particular chemical under test was then perfused at a flow rate of 1 ml/min using a Buchler (Saddle Brook, NJ) multistatic pump. Seven min were found to be adequate for complete replacement of the fluid within the chamber. After an additional 5-min incubation, 30 sec of ciliary beating were logged. This procedure was repeated with increasing concentrations of the compound under test until an obvious decrease in ciliary beating was observed. At this point, EBSS-H was again perfused into the organ dish and, after at least 5 min of incubation, ciliary beating was logged. Infundibula from four or more animals were examined for each tested compound. The ciliary beat frequencies from the logged data were determined by Fourier transformation. buy ampicillin

Effect of Cyanide on OCC Pick-up Rate (OPR) In Vitro

An assay previously developed in our laboratory was used to determine whether cyanide could affect OPR on hamster infundibula in vitro. OCCs recovered from mature ovarian follicles and stained with methylene blue dye were placed on infundibula in EBSS-HA. After 10 min, control readings of OPR (p, m/sec) were made by measuring the time required for an OCC to travel over the surface of the fimbriae from the base of the infundibulum to the ostium.

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