Labial fusion: part 3

Denudation of the labial epithelium develops with inflammatory conditions of the labia minora such as vulvitis or vulvovaginitis. Pierce and Hart reported labial fusion in 14 of 200 (7%) girls with vulvovaginitis. In children, most cases of vulvitis or vulvovaginitis are due to chemical or infectious inflammation. Inflammation is often secondary to poor perineal hygiene and may be associated with asymptomatic bacteriuria or urinary tract infection . Inflammation may also develop consequent to seborrhea or atopic dermatitis. In children, pinworms may cause vulvovaginitis.Masturbation may lead to denudation of the labial mucosa and predispose to labial fusion. Trauma associated with sexual abuse, particularly vulvar coitus, may predispose to labial fusion. Other forms of trauma to the perineal area may result in labial fusion. Taylor reported a seven-year-old child who developed labial fusion subsequent to a straddle injury sustained while climbing over a picket fence. Labial fusion has been reported following parturition in patients with labial lacerations, especially in those accompanied by significant vulval edema. It’s your time to experience safe and affordable treatment the way it was meant to be enjoyable. You can have that every time you order ventolin inhaler here at the best pharmacy that you are now welcome to check out.

Hypoestrogenism is associated with a reduction in the thickness of the labial epithelial cells. The reduced incidence of labial fusion in the first few months of life may be related to the presence of maternal estrogen, and the subsequent normally low estrogen level in children may predispose to labial fusion. Conversely, labial fusion is rare after puberty because of higher levels of circulating estrogen. Sexual activity is another possible explanation for the decrease in incidence after puberty. Labial fusion has been reported in postmenopausal women who have low estrogen levels and the accompanying senile adherent vaginitis.

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