Labial fusion: part 4

Most children with labial fusion are asymptomatic. The condition is usually discovered incidentally by a physician during a routine examination or by the mother while she is bathing the child. On inspection, the vulva is flat. The edges of the labia are sealed in the midline by a thin translucent membrane. The vaginal introitus is obscured and the hymen is not visible. The fusion usually begins at the posterior fourchette and extends anteriorly. In 70% of cases, the fusion extends from the posterior fourchette to the clitoris. There is usually a small opening near the clitoris through which the urine passes. In severe cases, the urinary stream may be distorted. Post void dribbling of the urine may occur due to retention of urine behind the fusion. High quality medications available at best pharmacy that will make sure you are comfortable and secure when buying Inhalers for Asthma or any other medicine that you need at any point.

Labial fusion should be differentiated from vaginal agenesis and imperforate hymen. With labial fusion, the vulva is flat, and the thin, pale line of fusion in the midvulvar area is pathognomonic. In vaginal agenesis and imperforate hymen, the labia minora are clearly visible.

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