Local Regulation of Macrophage Subsets in the Adult Rat Testis: DISCUSSION(3)


The failure of experimental bilateral cryptorchidism to alter macrophage number in the adult rat is entirely consistent with previous studies that have reported no change in total macrophage absolute volume in abdominal rat and mouse testes using a similar experimental model, indicating that neither testicular macrophage number nor size is affected by disruption of seminiferous tubule function. Although total macrophage volume has been shown to be decreased in the abdominal testis compared with the scrotal testis in rats that had been made unilaterally crypt-orchid at birth, this difference appears to be related to the changes in Leydig cell function in the unilateral cryptorchid model rather than the depletion of spermatogenic cells in the cryptorchid condition per se. buy flovent inhaler

Inhibition of LH secretion by s.c. T-implants caused a substantial decline in the resident testicular macrophage population, similarly to previous experimental models that employed Leydig cell ablation by EDS treatment or selective gonadotropin withdrawal by GnRH immunization. This decline was not prevented by the use of high-dose T-implants that provided sufficient intratesticular testosterone levels to maintain seminiferous tubule function.

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