Local Regulation of Macrophage Subsets in the Adult Rat Testis: DISCUSSION(5)


Consistent with our previous data that testicular MIF mRNA and protein levels are maintained following hy-pophysectomy, MIF was only slightly affected by the changes in LH, FSH, and testosterone induced by T-im-plants in the present study. The results did indicate that MIF levels decline in the abdominal testis, but there was no apparent positive relationship between the levels of this cytokine in testicular IF and monocyte or macrophage numbers in the testis. In fact, there was evidence of a slight negative relationship between MIF and resident macrophage numbers. buy prednisone

While this study does not exclude a role for MIF in regulating other functions of monocytes or macrophages in the testis, for example by modulating their inflammatory abilities, these data suggest that MIF has no major stimulatory effect on testicular resident macrophage proliferation or development. However, approximately 30-50% of the testicular resident macrophage population is not acutely sensitive to the withdrawal of gonadotropins or Leydig cell function; present study), and it remains a possibility that persistence of some resident macrophages in the rat testis is MIF-dependent.

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