Local Regulation of Macrophage Subsets in the Adult Rat Testis: MATERIALS AND METHODS(2)

Groups of untreated rats and rats that had been made cryptorchid 7 days previously received low-dose (3 cm) or high-dose (3 X 8-cm implants: 24-cm total) T-implants (s.c.) and were maintained for a further 21 days. Consequently, all cryptorchid rats were maintained for a total of 28 days prior to assessment. Each treatment group consisted of 6 animals, as follows: 1) scrotal testes and no T-implant (untreated controls); 2) scrotal testes and 3-cm T-implants (T3); 3) scrotal testes and 24-cm T-implants (T24); 4) abdominal testes and no T-implant (cryptorchid group); 5) abdominal testes and 3-cm T-implants; 6) abdominal testes and 24-cm T-implants. buy ampicillin

At the end of the experimental period, one testis (left or right side at random) was removed under ether anesthesia and weighed. Interstitial fluid (IF) was collected, for measurement of intratesticular testosterone and MIF levels, by drainage from an incision in the testicular capsule (16-20 h, 4°C), as previously described. A serum sample was collected by cardiac puncture, and both IF and serum samples were stored at -20°C prior to assay.

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