Local Regulation of Macrophage Subsets in the Adult Rat Testis: RESULTS(6)

The number of cells in the ED1+ED2~ monocyte/macrophage subset was not clearly correlated with any of the above parameters but did show a strong correlation with the number of ED2+ED1~ (long-term resident) macrophages (Fig. 7C). There also was a significant relationship between IF volume and the number of these long-term resident macrophages (Fig. 7D), but not between IF volume and the other macrophage parameters. buy asthma inhaler

Reevaluation of Testosterone Levels in Abdominal Testes

To confirm that the relative concentrations of testosterone measured in unextracted IF collected from normal and cryptorchid rat testes (Fig. 3A) were an accurate representation of intratesticular testosterone levels, testosterone in unextracted and chloroform-hexane-extracted IF and testicular homogenates of scrotal and abdominal testes were compared (Table 2). In this experiment, while the level of IF testosterone appeared slightly higher in cryptorchid IF compared with that in normal controls, as was observed in the first experiment (Fig. 3), this difference was not significant. Extraction had no effect on the relative levels of measurable testosterone in testicular IF from scrotal or abdominal testes. In homogenates of the contralateral testes, total testosterone concentrations were about 3-fold higher in cryptorchid testes than in controls on a per gram tissue basis, but total testis content of testosterone was identical (Table 2). Finally, there was no additional accumulation of testosterone in cryptorchid rats’ testicular IF collected from the contralateral testis overnight (106 ± 21 ng/ml) as compared with IF collected immediately postmortem (126 ± 22 ng/ml).

TABLE 2. Testosterone measurements in scrotal and abdominal testes.”

IF IF (with extraction) Testis homogenates Testis homogenates
Experimental group (ng/ml) (ng/ml) (ng/g tissue) (ng/testis)
Scrotal testes 204 ± 45 166 ± 38 43.9 ± 7.8 72 ± 14
Abdominal testes 255 ± 48ns 179 ± 16ns 141 ± 20** 4n±68

“Values are mean ± SEM (n = 6 animals); comparisons are between scrotal and abdominal testis values: ** p < 0.01, ns not significant (p > 0.05).

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