Patterns of psychotropic drug: RESULTS(1)

Population characteristics

Patient charts of260 women (57.4%) and 193 men (42.6%) (total 453) who were in-patients at the time of the survey were included. The majority of patients were from UH (40.6%); 35.3% were from SCH and 24.1% from SPH. Patient distribution by ward was MED 38.9%, OBGYN 18.5%, SURG 17.2%, PSYCH 13.5% and PED 11.9%.

Mean age ± SD of patients was 49±25.9 years. Men were older (52.3±26.7 years) than women (46.6±25.1 years). Patients from SCH (53.6±25.4 years) and SPH (48.2±29.6 years) were older than those from UH (45.6±23.4 years). On average, patients from MED and SURG wards were in their 60s while those from PSYCH and OBGYN wards were in their 40s (mean 43.1 years) and 30s (mean 32.7 years), respectively. The mean age of those from PED wards was 4.9 years.

Prevalence of psychotropic drug prescription

In the population surveyed, 223 patients (49.2%) were on psychotropic drugs, 208 (45.9%) were on nonpsychotropic and 22 (4.9%) were on no medication. There were 371 prescriptions for psychotropic drugs.

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