Progesterone Implants Delay: MATERIALS AND METHODS(3)


Influence of P4 Implant Treatments on the Ovarian Follicular Reserve

During the last implant treatment (at 8 mo of age), ovaries were collected from some female rats in each group to determine the influence of steroid implant treatments on the age-related loss of ovarian follicles. Ovaries were taken from P4-implanted rats (n = 5 per group) 20 days after administration of the last implants, and from cyclic virgin controls (n = 7) at 1200 h on diestrous Day 1. Buy Asthma Inhalers Online

Ovaries were fixed in Bouin’s solution and processed to obtain paraffin sections of 8-^m thickness. Sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and every sixth section was examined at X400 magnification to count the numbers of resting (primordial and small primary) follicles (< 50 ^m in diameter). The total number of resting follicles was determined by multiplying the sum of the counted follicles by six, a method similar to that previously described. We have found that the total number of resting follicles determined by this method is comparable to that found through examination of serial sections of the same ovary (data not shown). All slides were coded and randomized so that treatment groups of each rat were unknown at time of analysis.

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