Revisiting Gavello’s procedure for single-stage reconstruction of the earlobe (part 1)

 the earlobe (part 1)

Deformities of the earlobe may be congenital, or acquired as a consequence of trauma, human or animal bites, burns or tumour excision. A variety of procedures for earlobe reconstruction, both one-stage and two-stage, have been described. The technique described by Gavello (quoted by Nelaton and Ombredanne, 1907) is one of the earliest and simplest and, in our opinion, this century-old technique merits revisiting for evaluation of its application in contemporary reconstructive surgery.
Gavello’s procedure consists of outlining a horizontal bilobed skin flap in the postauricular mastoid region. The posterior flap is folded under the anterior flap, thus forming the posterior lining of the new earlobe. The resulting skin defect is closed by direct approximation. In the present article, we describe the Gavello procedure in detail, including its vascular basis and demonstrate excellent outcomes in three patients with earlobe deformity/loss due to diverse etiologies. Buy cheap drugs online fast – order antibiotics online click here for you to enjoy a reliable pharmacy.

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