Revisiting Gavello’s procedure for single-stage reconstruction of the earlobe (part 4)

The earlobe is a small but aesthetically crucial structure. The challenge in earlobe reconstruction surgery is to obtain a natural-appearing structure with a durable outcome. The technique should be simple, preferably performed in one stage, suitable for earlobe defects of all sizes and volume, and yield acceptable cosmetic results.

A variety of single-stage and two-stage reconstructive techniques have been described for earlobe reconstruction. These techniques mainly use local skin flaps from the preauricular, infra-auricular, retroauricular, retromandibular areas or the auricular surface, depending on the flap design: doubled-over single or bilobed flaps, superimposition of two opposing or paired flaps or double-crossed flaps may be used; some techniques require a skin graft in addition to the flap . Some of the procedures involve the incorporation of a cartilage graft into the reconstructed earlobe to maintain shape.The advantages of the Gavello technique are as follows: it is a simple, one-stage procedure; it is suitable for both immediate and delayed reconstruction; it relies entirely on local tissue for reconstruction; the flap has a predictable vascular supply; skin grafting is not required; it yields excellent cosmetic results with preservation of earlobe shape and volume; excellent colour match; the donor site scar is well-concealed; and the procedure can be used for large defects or even total loss of earlobe, as shown in case 3 of the present series. The limitation of the procedure is the requirement of an intact donor area over the postauricular mastoid region. Your online shopping could cost you less and less time, you just need a reliable pharmacy to canadian cialis online and be sure this one will always live up to your expectations.

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