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Labial fusion: part 6

TREATMENT Treatment consists of topical application of an estrogen cream (Premarin cream, Wyeth-Ayerst) once or twice a day until the adhesion has lysed. Most cases resolve in less than one month. Only a small amount of cream should be precisely applied to the fused area to minimize systemic side effects. Indiscriminate use of estrogen cream may lead to vulval pigmentation or erythema and breast enlargement. … Continue reading

Labial fusion: part 5

COMPLICATIONS With labial fusion, urine is retained behind the fused labia. This has been demonstrated during voiding cystourethrography. Stagnant urine encourages the growth of bacteria and may lead to asymptomatic bac-teriuria or urinary tract infection. In several studies, urinary symptoms occurred in approximately 20% of patients with labial fusion. Occasionally, the labial fusion is complete enough to cause urinary outflow obstruction with resultant bladder distension … Continue reading

Labial fusion: part 4

CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS Most children with labial fusion are asymptomatic. The condition is usually discovered incidentally by a physician during a routine examination or by the mother while she is bathing the child. On inspection, the vulva is flat. The edges of the labia are sealed in the midline by a thin translucent membrane. The vaginal introitus is obscured and the hymen is not visible. The … Continue reading

Labial fusion: part 3

Denudation of the labial epithelium develops with inflammatory conditions of the labia minora such as vulvitis or vulvovaginitis. Pierce and Hart reported labial fusion in 14 of 200 (7%) girls with vulvovaginitis. In children, most cases of vulvitis or vulvovaginitis are due to chemical or infectious inflammation. Inflammation is often secondary to poor perineal hygiene and may be associated with asymptomatic bacteriuria or urinary tract … Continue reading

Labial fusion: part 2

Twelve (86%) children were under two years of age. Since none of these authors reported the total number of patients in each age group, the increased incidence of labial fusion in these studies may have been related to the number of patients seen in each age group. Leung et al examined 1970 female children between seven days and 12 years of age to determine the … Continue reading

Labial fusion: part 1 \ Buy Advair Diskus Online

Labial fusion is defined as partial or complete adherence of the labia minora. Other names for this condition are vulvar fusion, atresia of the vulva, synechia of the vulva, occlusion of the vestibule, adhesion of the labia minora and agglutination of the labia minora . Labial fusion is a common paediatric gynecological problem that has received little attention in the medical literature. This article reviews the prevalence, … Continue reading