Ventolin inhalers: effect and characteristics of device

Ventolin inhalers: effect and characteristics of deviceVentolin inhalers are used for relieving acute asthma attacks. Asthma is a very dangerous disease if not treated properly. The symptoms of the disorder cannot be mixed with any other disorder: wheezing, cough, sense of chest tightness and even suffocating. Symptoms of nocturnal asthma do not differ from those occurring in general cases, but people are usually caught by the disease symptoms at night. There are two types of asthma medications that can be used as a part of asthma treatment: relievers and preventers.
Ventolin inhalers are necessary to relieve bronchospasms of different severity and stop the attack itself. A bronchospasm is a condition of bronchi when they are constricted and smooth muscles that surround airways are tensed. Relieving asthma medications are characterized by the possibility to relax those smooth muscles and thereby the airways get wider. As a result, the person can make a deep and considerable inhale in a couple of minutes. Such a rapid functioning is peculiar to bronchodilators, the main active components of every fast-acting relieving medication. So, Ventolin inhalers contain a certain dose of Salbutamol sulfate that belongs to the drug class of bronchodilators. Another name for inhalers of this kind is “rescue medications”, because they can frequently save somebody’s life.
Ventolin inhalers are usually available in the form of metered-dose device. The device consists of a metal canister, where a liquid medication is contained, and a plastic mouthpiece that is combined with actuator (pushing on the plastic piece releases the dose). This type of inhalers should be used according to a certain pattern. Before each use the device should be properly shaken during 10-15 seconds to mix the liquid drug with propellant (a special gas used for releasing the drug in the form of aerosol). Other kinds of asthma inhalers (nebulizers or dry-powder inhalers) do not use the gas. The most important step of the inhalation technique is coordinating the moment of releasing a drug-dose and making the inhale. One should make an inhalation while breathing in, as if it is a usual breathing. But the main difference is that the person should hold the breathing after the drug is inhaled for as long as it is comfortable for the person. It is necessary, as otherwise the drug may leave the lungs with the exhalation.
Keep your Ventolin inhaler clean. Wash the device with warm soap water at least once a week to avoid clogging and other problems.
People, who used to buy Ventolin inhalers, know that the device should be primed before the first use and every time the device has not been in use for a long time (more than 3 weeks). The procedure consists in spraying a couple of doses out keeping the device far from the face.
Ventolin inhalers can cause various side effects about which you may ask your doctor or a pharmacist although all of them are mentioned in the patient information leaflet accompanying every Ventolin package. Do not adjust the prescribed dosage and follow the recommendations of the doctor. When the device is empty, do not puncture it. The device should be utilized in accordance with requirements.

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