Who should be providing information to patients about herbal medicine?

Who should be providing information

Statistics show that the use of herbal medicines in North America has increased dramatically over the past five to 10 years . Traditionally collected in the wild or sold in health food stores, herbal medicines are now available virtually everywhere, including pharmacies and grocery stores, and by mail order and through Internet sources. Patients report using herbal medicines, along with or in place of conventional medication, for many reasons. Many consumers like to feel in control of their health care choices and are happy to be able to choose herbal products as an option . Patients with chronic conditions will frequently try an herbal therapy, in the hopes of finding a ‘cure’ with fewer side effects than their current therapy. buy ortho tri-cyclen

Perhaps the most common reason for using herbal medicines is because of the perception that because herbs are “natural they cannot hurt, only help”. Despite the recognition that herbal medicines can have pharmacological effects and may interact with conventional medication , the field of herbal medicine is largely unregulated. To the consumer, this means that the quality and resulting pharmacological effect of the product purchased may vary between brands and/or manufacturing lots. It also means that anyone can sell and/or give advice on the use of herbal medicine.

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